RISE Program Job Vacancy: RISE Demonstration Project Laboratory and Field Technician, Makassar

Position title: RISE Demonstration Project Laboratory and Field Technician

Program: Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE)

Reports to: RISE Makassar Assessment Team Leader

Location: Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat, UNHAS, Makassar, Indonesia

Duration: Initial contract 3 months; Expected to be extended up to 12 months based on performance.

The RISE program in an interdisciplinary and international research project which intends to reduce environmental contamination and the likelihood of human contact with contaminants in informal settlements. In Makassar, the program will install wetlands-based wastewater infrastructure in thirteen sites and monitor the effects on the environment and human health in these communities.

In 2019 RISE completed one demonstration project in Makassar in the ‘Batua’ neighbourhood. This demonstration project showcases the RISE green infrastructure technologies in a real-life setting.

In 2020 RISE will monitor the performance of the Batua project to understand the functioning of the system and ensure it is operating as per design requirements.

Critical to RISE’s understanding of how safe and effective wastewater treatment can be achieved in this context, are chemical, microbiological and ecological measurements of the wetlands.

This position “Demonstration Project Laboratory and Field Technician”, will lead the end-to-end monitoring of the Batua Project at both a leadership and technical level. The person will provide strategic leadership of the 12-month monitoring campaign, ensuring the integration of a wide range of assessment variables and maintaining effective data management, as well as undertake a range of laboratory and technical sampling and analyses.

Key responsibilities

Leadership and coordination the 12-month Batua monitoring campaign

  • Coordination with the Batua community, UNHAS, local government stakeholders, and RISE team
  • Coordination and engagement with third-party Laboratories
  • Effective reporting and documentation locally and with Melbourne
  • Ensure adherence to ethics approvals and best research practices
  • Produce summary reports for a wide range of audiences

Field water quality sampling of constructed wetlands

  • Taking field measurements of water quality
  • Taking water samples for chemical and microbial analysis

Field ecological monitoring of constructed wetlands

  • Taking measurements of plants
  • Entomological sampling to determine the risk of mosquito infestation
  • Downloading data from field deployed equipment

Conducting laboratory work

  • Sample and standard preparation
  • E. coli analysis
  • Equipment calibration and maintenance
  • Mosquito rearing and identification

Data management

  • Gathering and checking data from various sources
  • Entering data into established systems
  • Liaising with Monash-based researchers for data quality control and checks

Key result areas

  • Routinely conducting rigorous field and laboratory based water quality and ecological measurements according to standard operating procedures, facilitating transfer of samples to a third party lab and ensuring prompt entry of all generated data
  • Effective leadership and coordination regarding the use of shared equipment with field and lab staff, and coordinating data entry with UNHAS and Monash based staff.

Required qualifications and experience

  • A Bachelor degree or equivalent in a relevant field such as environmental science, science preferably biology, environmental engineering or similar.
  • Laboratory experience minimum 2 years, including preparation of standards and samples, sample analysis and data entry
  • Experience in field sampling, field data collection or environmental monitoring.
  • Excellent English oral and written language skill essentials

Closing date
Please send your curriculum vitae and cover later through e-mail by the latest on 29th January 2020 to: