Disability Rights - A Guide to Monitoring Compliance

This book was written by Ishak Salim and M/ Joni Yulianto with contributions from many parties, especially disabled activists who later joined the Disability FORMATION. This book was also developed with a joint commitment from BAPPENAS and published by BAPPENAS to be used to monitor the process of fulfilling disability rights in Indonesia. 


This book consists of six parts. First, it contains introductory related information regarding the process of presenting this instrument and the aims, objectives and goals of this book. Second, it contains information regarding a description or analysis of the situation and conditions of persons with disabilities in relation to public services. Third, it contains information regarding the definition and concept of disability rights and indicators of fulfillment of these rights. Fourth, it contains detailed information about the Instruments and Indicators for Monitoring the Rights of Disabilities. It contains statements regarding regulations, various programs and forms of implementation as well as descriptions of compliance results that are ready to be measured from the three indicators. In addition, there are also broad and in-depth questions to capture in as much detail as possible the reality of fulfilling disability rights. Fifth, it contains information regarding the management or governance of monitoring the fulfillment of disability rights which is detailed, sequential, and guides the monitoring team. In fact, this book also prepares a number of simulations of fulfilling disability rights by the government from related ministries or agencies. Sixth, it contains information in the form of additional input that can enrich the understanding of the monitoring team which contains information related to disability paradigms, models and approaches in disability studies and activism.

Please download this book, read it and distribute it to related parties in your area.

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