USAID AMARTA Grouper Value Chain Program in Flores, NTT: Fact Sheet

Fact sheet published by USAID AMARTA


Activity: Support of the Grouper Value Chain in Flores, NTT

Location: Loh Mbongi and Warloka, Komodo Subdistrict, NTT

Partners: PT Karamba and Warloka Village

Beneficiaries: More than 60 staff PT. Karamba, 400 fishermen and 100 families in Warloka.

Activity Background: Live fish grouper has been exported as a premium seafood commodity in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The demand for the commodity continues to increase though the supply remains low and is actually decreasing due to limited knowledge and technology, as well as a limited supply of live fish that are caught to establish fish-farms. In addition many of the traditional fishing practices have been harming the ocean and coral reef environment. Aquaculture activities for grouper production have been developed within a suitable sea water environment that will contribute to successful grouper mariculture production.

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