World Coral Reef Conference 2014

About WCRC 2014

Conference Objectives

World Coral Reef Conference 2014 holds significant importance, specifically to:

    Implement inventory, and compile the synchronization and establishment of policies and actions in the management and utilization of coral reef resources;
    Collect and formulate shared values, perceptions and purpose in the management of coral reef ecosystems as treasured natural resources to inherited for future generations:
    Inform and adopt best practices, methods, approaches, knowledge, science, and latest technology to be applied for coral reef resources regarding the management of local coral reef ecosystems.  


WCRC 2014 will welcome participants from various countries, NGOs, governmental departments, as well as academic researchers, tourism/marine entrepreneurs, and environmentalists, whom are all committed to the sustainable management of coastal and marine ecosystems.


This conference will be held at three different venues in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

    Novotel Manado Golf Resort & Convention Centre
    Jl. A.A Maramis Kayuwatu, Kairagi II, Manado 95254
    +62 431 818 889

Manado Convention Centre
    Jl. Piere Tendean, Kawasan Boulevard, Manado 95115
    +62 431 870 888

Grand Kawanua International Convention Centre
    (Grand Kawanua International City) Jl. A. A Maramis, Manado 95254
    +62 431 818 919

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