North Lombok administration to conduct building inspection along Gili Trawangan

The North Lombok regency administration in West Nusa Tenggara plans to conduct building inspections of 143 hotels, bars and restaurants for violating coastline building regulations.


"The inspection will be jointly conducted by the TNI [Indonesian Military] and Polri [National Police] on Feb. 24," Hermanto, assistant II of the North Lombok economic and development administration said in Mataram on Tuesday.


Hermanto said that 143 hotels, bars and restaurants on Gili Trawangan were built only 5 to 10 meters from the coastline.


He said that building inspection was based on 2016 North Lombok spatial planning. According to the 2016 North Lombok spatial planning, a building must be built at least 30 meters from the coastline.


Besides violating coastline regulations, Hermanto said that the beach area of the 143 businesses was not even accessible for public.


"It is wrong that visitors are supposed to order something at restaurant or bar to be able to enjoy the beach,” Hermanto said, adding that those buildings did not possess building permits (IMB).


"The administration wants to bring back the function of the beach, so all people can enjoy it,” he added.


Hermanto said the administration had informed the 143 business owners of the planned inspection, adding that 100 of them had pledged to demolish their buildings before Feb. 24.


Gili Trawangan, a 15 square kilometer island off Lombok, is one of three islets in Lombok along with Gili Air and Gili Meno. These islets are the biggest contributors to the tourism sector. (trw)


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