The Implications Of Knowledge Management Sustainability For Leadership In An Organization: An Exploration and Analysis of Leadership Theories and Knowledge Management Practices In Bangwita Flores, Indonesia

Knowledge management has been recognized as an effective tool for improving the performance and productivity of organizations in this knowledge era. In this sense, knowledge management is a process. Knowledge management is a process of acquisition, validation, utilization, sharing, storage and diffusion of knowledge. Research article by Nikolaus Salo.

Commodity Chain Assessment: Case Of Candlenut In Transboundary Timor And Indonesia

This paper tries to answer three four main questions: how to improve the small farmers’ income by having better prices for their candlenuts remains unanswered question. How can the farmers gain market access and link the farmers to the external traders? How to improve the post harvest processing and handling skills of the farmers, learning from the case of the farmers in West Timor, Indonesia?. Research article by Noviansyah Manap, Max Sidharta, Arni Parera