An Australia Short Term Award: Sustainable Tourism for Regional Growth 2

Australia Awards Indonesia proposes to deliver a repeat course for the successful Short Term Award in Sustainable Tourism for Regional Growth to up to 25 participants from East Nusa Tenggara, West Nusa Tenggara and West Papua provinces. This Award is aimed to improve the enabling environment of the sustainable tourism sector, develop linkages between tourism operators and enhance business planning processes, and thus improving the sector’s contribution to the economic growth of the selected three provinces.

The learning objectives of the award are participants’ improved skills and ability to:
•    connect tourism businesses with market opportunities
•    understand the role community, province/state and federal level operators in tourism sector development and identify ways for them to cooperate more effectively
•    enhance tourism business planning processes and cooperation between tourism operators, travel agents, associations, local and federal governments
•    identify and analyse trends and their impact on the sector  
•    identify through benchmarking different methods of running tourism operations in different parts of Indonesia and Australia
•    identify key factors and benefits of sustainable tourism and its applications in practice
•    develop a tourism strategy for a specific region or a tourism sector
•    develop business and marketing plans (analyses, strategies, operational plans, monitoring, financial management)   
•    identify ways to improve the tourism business environment, competitor and product analyses and how to respond to the challenges (five forces: existing competitors, suppliers, substitutes, new entrants and buyers)
•    identify alternative ways tourism operators can access finance (including micro-loans)
•    analyse key drivers (legal, social, political, environmental, economic) that enable and limit tourism sector development  and understand their impact on the sector
•    analyse relevant stakeholders and their impact on tourism sector development
•    analyse the role existing policies and regulations play in developing the sector
•    identify key success factors in ecotourism and tourism businesses built on natural resources
•    productise and commercialise tourism products
•    segment the markets, target the appropriate segments and position the tourism products
•    identify challenges related to business growth (financial, structural, personal) and develop strategies to respond to them

Dates and location

The award will be delivered over a 3-week period in Australia. A 5-day pre-award workshop will be held in Labuan Bajo approximately 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the award. A reintegration (post-award) workshop will be held in Indonesia approximately 3 months after the award. The schedule is:  

  • A 5-day pre-award workshop in Labuan Bajo: 8-12 August 2016
  • A 3-week award in Australia: 26 September – 15 October 2016 
  • A post-award workshop in Indonesia: January 2017

The majority of the training takes place in one location, but may include visits to other locations for benchmarking and networking opportunities, meetings and site visits to relevant organisations. Participation to all three stages of the award is compulsory to all awardees.

All applications must be submitted before 15 June 2016

Women and people with disability are strongly encouraged to apply.